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Get Online


Regardless of the nature of the business, we’ve all been there, a start-up, with very little cash and lots of ambition and big ideas.

However, before anything can really be put into practice, the basic needs must be taken care of, which in this technological day and age are a Mobile Phone, Website & a Social Media presence.

So, with the average cost of a website alone in the UK being between £400 and £800, how are you supposed to get going?

Well, thanks to EagleSoft of Leeds, there is no need to be flat broke before you make your first sale.

EagleSoft have introduced the ‘Get Online’ package for start-ups. For just £500 + VAT, you can have a 3 page website and a page created on Facebook & Twitter. You can even spread the cost over 12 months, if that helps a bit more.

A true bargain for a basic online presence that you can then add to as you grow.

To take advantage of this fantastic deal, Contact EagleSoft or call 0113 468 8521.