Website development and hosting by EagleSoft

Website DevelopmentWhen it comes to your website, EagleSoft Solutions do not believe in a 'one size fits all' mentality. No single type of website is suitable for all businesses. Some businesses require just a simple single page website showing who they are and what they do, while others may require a complex interactive web application to allow their customers access to their own online accounts. For most, the reality I somewhere in between.

At EagleSoft, we believe in finding out what you want to achieve from your website before we even think about what we can build for you. Sometimes we actually recommend not even bothering with a website. The quality and features of social media pages is now so high, that many small businesses can get all the website features they require from a Facebook page. 

Web HostingWhen it comes to making your website available to the world, EagleSoft has that covered too. We have access to the best hosting providers around the world to make sure that your website is available when your customers are looking. And what sets us apart from the competition is that the website hosting account will be yours. EagleSoft will setup and manage the hosting account on your behalf rather than own the hosting ourselves. This means that should you decide to take over your hosting and website maintenance yourself, you are free to do so at the end of the current hosting contract.