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I can't recommend EagleSoft highly enough. They responded at short notice to our need to make critical changes to our website (www.SkilledPeople.com) and rose to the challenge in every way. Rob was excellent to work with. He grasped our requirements very quickly and implemented the changes very efficiently. His technological knowledge was first class and he helped solve a couple of issues which would have disabled our site, and with it our business, if it hadn't been for his experience.
Keith Simpson
Keith Simpson Skilled People
Marie has been absolutely fantastic at promoting our event on social media. We noticed a huge rise in visitors to our Vegan Festival Facebook page after just one day of Facebook promotion and after a week the results were phenomenal. We would most highly recommend using Marie as your promotional host for any event or social media page that you are promoting.
Victoria Bryceson
Victoria Bryceson Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival
EagleSoft created the Andy Lyons Driving School Facebook page and helped me learn how to manage it myself effectively. I now get literally thousands of people seeing my posts and regularly gain new customers through my FaceBook page
EagleSoft Solutions Ltd strive to understand the need behind our customers requests. This enables us to constantly provide the very best solutions that help our customers grow. Why not contact EagleSoft today and find out what we can do for you?

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